Activate Your Existing Home Alarm System

✔ Waived Activation FEE*
✔ Security System Check
✔ New Backup Battery
✔ Security Remote*
✔ Warranty On System Included
✔ Move Policy Included

Existing Home Security Monitoring as low as $24.95 per month*

Security Monitoring Solutions (SMS) has trained technicians giving us the ability to reprogram and monitor almost any existing alarm system. At SMS we specialize in working with existing alarm systems and we provide all new customers with new codes and passwords as well as a demonstration of the alarm systems available features.

*Monitoring Agreement and Credit Approval Required. Certain Restrictions May Apply.

Consultation & Security System Analysis

The experienced security consultants at Security Monitoring Solutions are known throughout the industry for their knowledge and professionalism. Exceeding the hours of required annual training on new industry standards and trends, they professionally assess a homeowner's property, lifestyle and surroundings, in order to determine the most effective system for their needs.

A professional security analysis not only addresses the concerns a homeowner has, but also reveals areas of vulnerability in and around their home that they may not have been aware of.

They understand the vulnerabilities in the territories they represent and keep an open line of communication with local law enforcement and watchdog groups to keep a finger on the pulse of the community - monitoring shifts in crime and the deterrents proving most effective.

Security Monitoring Solutions customers not only have access to some of the most qualified security consultants in the industry, they have a direct link through them to organizations responsible for securing the broader community and larger statewide area.

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