Home Security Options Evolved

Monitor and Control your Alarm Security System from Anywhere and No Home Phone Required Optional basic and advanced technology solutions are available through Security Monitoring Solutions. We have systems that allow you to view your alarm system status, monitor sensor activity at your property, arm and disarm your system, and set up user codes all from a web interface.

Wouldn’t you like to say, “My alarm can do all that!”

What’s most incredible about remote alarm access is that, in addition to superior wireless security, it offers you advanced mobile and web features a basic alarm could never dream of. This advanced technology takes advantage of wireless technology to protect your home — even if the phone line is cut, or the Internet is interrupted, your alarm system will still send a signal to the monitoring station.

Use it in ways you never imagined

Our customers are constantly finding creative ways to take advantage of Alarm.com. You’ll quickly be using it to keep up with the things that matter most to you:



Receive e-mail or text message notifications when the children get home from school.

Make sure employees are opening and closing on time.

Add sensors to receive instant notification if a medicine cabinet, gun cabinet, liquor cabinet or other dangerous area is opened unexpectedly.

Add sensors to ensure no one enters private offices or sensitive cabinets without your knowledge.

See what time the housecleaners arrived and how long they stayed.

Receive detailed daily reports on who armed and disarmed the security system.

Add sensors to your garage and get an alert to your phone if the garage door is left open too long.

Arm the security system remotely, even when employees forget.

Add water sensors to your A/C or hot water heater drip pans to detect water to prevent costly damage.

Receive notifications right to your cell phone, iPhone, BlackBerry or PDA.

You can place an activity sensor anywhere inside your home

Front/Back Door
Garage Door
Teenager’s Bedroom Window
Cleaning Supply Cabinet
Medicine Cabinet
Gun Cabinet Safe/Legal Cabinet
Home Office Door
Patio Door
Food Cabinet Pool Gate
Tool Shed
Home Jewelry Box
Liquor Cabinet  

Home Security Options Evolved - How Does It Work

More advanced and more secure

Security Monitoring Solutions has partnered with Alarm.com to give you access to your security system remotely. Alarm.com doesn’t work anything like the basic burglar alarms you’ve seen before. Instead of being tied to the phone line, which can easily be cut and disabled, it works wirelessly through advanced GSM cell phone towers to maintain a continuous, dedicated, and encrypted link. That makes it more secure, and a great solution if you’ve already replaced your landline with a cell phone or VoIP line. Alarm.com-enabled security systems will even continue functioning for 24+ hours if the power goes out. Call for pricing and details.

How it works

• Sensors installed throughout your home or business will communicate all activity that takes place.
• All this info travels wirelessly (via the digital GSM network) in a secure, encrypted signal to the Operations Center.
• In the event of an alarm, the signal is then routed to the central monitoring station for a 24/7 emergency response.
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